Gifting Guide

Need some inspiration?

While our Cozy Socks make a great stocking stuffer, they also make an excellent gift; by themselves, or paired with these -curated for you- picks!

-Pair our River | Natural Calm Blue™ with a spa gift card, relaxing indoor water fountain, a gift certificate for a massage, epsom salt or other bath-related goodies, a robe, a donation in someone’s name to a well-researched foundation like

-Pair our Crops of Hops | Verdant Green™ with a favorite beer for those who partake, a book on beer or cooking with beer, mugs, some “grinchy” themed gear (our fav ❤️), golf balls or golfing gear

-Pair our Night Sky | Dark Blue™ with PJs, a trip or gift certificate to your local planetarium, a telescope, a NASA t-shirt or ornament, sleepy-time tea and a nice mug, a blanket

-Pair our Forest Trail | Peaceful Green™ with a pet-friendly plant, hiking guidebook from your state, matcha and a nice mug, a gift card to REI or a local hiking store, hiking boots, a framed print of some beautiful trees created by an artist from ETSY

-Pair our Hazelnut | Crunchy Brown™ with some Oregon Hazelnuts and/or Hazelnut oil, a “crunchy” book on 1960s counterculture, a “crunchy” 1960s band t-shirt, some chocolate truffles, fancy coffee and a nice mug

-Pair our Sweet Feet | Honey™ with local honey, a “save the bees” t-shirt or sweatshirt or yard sign, honey candies, a cookbook with recipes using honey (there are many!)

-Pair our Vineyard | Valley Harvest Purple™ with a favorite wine for those who partake, a trip or gift certificate to a winery, a book on wine or cooking with wine, wine glasses and/or decanter, PJs, a blanket

-Pair our Whale Watch | Bay Gray™ with a trip to the local aquarium or a gift card for a visit, some PJs, a “save the whales” or “save the bay” t-shirt or sweatshirt, coastal art or decor

You could also pair any of our Cozy Socks with a donation directly to our Giving Partners (who support homeless youth) in your loved one’s name; StandUp for Kids or Looking Glass Community Services.